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Vinyl Record Cleaning

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We utilize the Audio Desk Système by Reiner Gläss from Germany for the absolute best possible results 


Why the Audio Desk System?

As lovers and collectors of vinyl ourselves, we are committed to revealing the best possible sound quality from your precious vinyl collection. Over the years we researched numerous cleaning methods. All of which gave uneven results. Friction, steam, harsh alcohol based compounds, vacuum extraction; all have the potential to force grime deeper into the grooves, leave gummy residue behind, or risk compromising the plasticizer in the vinyl and ultimately it's longevity. We concluded that ultra-sonic cavitation combined with anti-static bio-degradable surfactants and gentle air drying was the only method we came to trust for our own records...not to mention stylus life.

No wonder The Audio Desk Système was Stereophile Magazine's Product of the Year when it first debuted. There really is no other choice for audiophiles serious about archival quality recordings. Now you may truly enjoy what the vinyl experience has to offer.


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Why Clean a Record?


Why clean a record?

The typical analogue vinyl record has around half a mile of grooves; any dirt or debris picked up as your stylus makes its long journey through your record will have an impact on sound quality. Also, just like a dirty or bumpy road will wear your car tires quicker, dirty grooves will inevitably make life harder for your stylus.


Why clean a new record?

It's a popular myth that record manufacturers sell a pristine record hot off the press. New Records are contaminated with factory dirt, packaging debris, and release agent from the manufacturing process, not to mention a static charge able to make your hair stand on end! 


Why clean a two dollar record?

Surprisingly, garage sale and thrift store finds are some of the best records you may ever discover. Extract 40+ years of dust, fingerprint oils and mould spores from deep inside the grooves and that ugly duckling you considered unsalvageable may be your next pristine record!.


"This machine does more than clean records. Or rather, many of us haven't fully understood the effects of truly cleaning a record, which the Audio Desk does like no other record cleaner I've come across. It doesn't just remove the dust; it clears out gunk from deep within the grooves—gunk we may not have known existed—so that the stylus can track the groove with greater accuracy and less strain. As a result, the silence of the music's backdrop is deepened; this clears, improves, and in some cases transforms the sound. Voices were almost always more articulate and up-front. The music was more lifelike; the musicians were more there."

Fred Kaplan, Stereophile Magazine

"I was beyond shocked when I performed a before-and-after test on the first LP I tried, an original Pablo release of 88 Basie Street. The Audio Desk didn’t just make the surfaces quieter as expected, but rendered a wholesale increase in clarity, the apparent separation of instrumental images in space, vividness, and dimensionality. The opening piano line of “Contractor’s Blues” had greater tone color and a richer texture, and I could better hear the acoustic around the instrument. Then as the ensemble came in playing the melody in unison I heard a more convincing sense of individual instruments".

Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound

"I cleaned records that I'd already vacuum-cleaned but were still noisy, and the noise went away. Two examples: my original UK pressing of the Beatles' Let It Be and my most treasured classical album, an original pressing of Fritz Reiner and the Chicago Symphony's recording of Strauss's Also sprach Zarathustra. The latter looked clean when I bought it but was hopelessly noisy. Repeated cleanings over the decades since, using more sophisticated fluids and machines, have made it quieter—but finally, after treatment with the Audio Desk, it's just about completely silent."

Michael Fremer, Analogue Planet